Static vs Non static vs const vs Readonly Variables No Further a Mystery

In preceding articles or blog posts we reviewed about C-sharp class and put into action bunch of console application applying problem loops ,arrays ,string

A static variable exists to a function, or class, as opposed to an occasion or item. It will get an Original benefit only one time. Because of this For those who have code including "static int a=0" within a sample operate, and this code is executed in a first call of the functionality, although not executed in a very subsequent simply call with the perform; variable (a) will nevertheless have its current benefit (such as, a latest price of five), since the static variable receives an Original benefit just one time.

The worth in a const variable is what's known as a "compile-time" price, which is immutable (which suggests it does not improve in excess of the life of This system).

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We've got unique kind of variables in C-sharp programming language ,you may Perform with all form of variables in C# console software

For example, you don't require a car to find out the number of wheels it has, blueprints for any general auto would suffice (that might be static details) but You can not inform what color the vehicle is Except you happen to be referring to a certain automobile (that info requirements a specific occasion of the item.)

A Readonly area can be initialized possibly at time of declaration or within the constructor of the same class. We can also alter the worth of a Readonly at runtime or assign a value to it at runtime (but inside of a non-static constructor only).

The previous code snippet will produce a result of 11, without showing any error given that we currently declared it with the initial place of declaration.

What static does for variables is assign them a static (non-transforming) handle in memory. Therefore unless the variable's value is explicitly adjusted, it could have the exact same benefit, no matter what else you're performing inside your code.

Be aware that If your static is a reference, the readonly attribute isn't going to prevent the fundamental object from getting mutated, it only stops the worth from the static variable from currently being improved - in the case of a class reference, that price is the reference alone.

A Constant is something that will normally continue being the identical although out your complete life time of a program. A Constant variable can't be modified right after it defines and it cannot be transform all through the method. The Constant with a hard and fast value tells the compiler to avoid the programmer from modifying it.

The features of the const variables are as identical of static variables ,but the leading distinction would be the static variables are is usually modified and constant variables are can’t be modified

Think about that we even more info have Assembly B, A further class library that references Assembly A and utilizes CONSTANT_NUMBER. As an instance We modify this benefit in Assembly A, like so:

Here first I seek to initialize the worth from the static constructor. It offers me an mistake. Which you can see higher than. Now I seek to alter the price in a way, see what occurred,

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